Ten Foot Poleのメンバーによる新バンド”Bury My Heart”始動 + デビュー曲「Bury My Heart」をリリース



Ten Foot Poleの名作アルバム『Bad Mother Trucker』、『Subliminable Messages』リリース期に在籍したKevin RuggeriとMike Levyがメロディックパンク・ユニット、Bury My Heart (バリー・マイ・ハート)を結成。デビュー曲「Bury My Heart」をPeople of Punk Rock Recordsからリリースしました。



Just about 15 years ago, Kevin Ruggeri and Mike Levy parted ways after some years together as the rhythm section for SoCal legends Ten Foot Pole. By 2005, the financial challenges of life as a working musician set in and both dudes became full-time teachers to support their young families. Mike stayed in Los Angeles and Kevin headed back to his hometown just outside Philadelphia. Fast-forward to 2019, Mike started releasing new music as Billy Edwin and Kevin played some drums on a tune. The music was well-received, a connection rediscovered and Bury My Heart was born.

The first Bury My Heart release; a 6-song, self-titled EP is set to release this Summer 2021. Written, produced and tracked by Mike and Kevin in Los Angeles and Philadelphia respectively, then mixed/mastered by Chicago punk rock extraordinaire Dan Tinkler (Brenden Kelly & The Wandering Birds/Falcon/Lawrence Arms), Bury My Heart delivers tight, fast punk rock songs driven by slamming drums, screaming guitars and strong melodies. Lyrically the band continues the punk tradition of personal stories merging with political and social commentary.

Recent feedback has drawn comparisons to the likes of Bad Religion, Avail, Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Good Riddance, Alkaline Trio, and Dag Nasty. There is no doubt to the influences of 90s/early 00s melodic hardcore punk.

Mike Levy – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Kevin Ruggeri – Drums, Guitars, Vocals