スウェーデンのメロディックパンク・アンセムをカバーするワンマン・プロジェクト、Swecoreがアルバム『Rötter』をリリースしました。英語で”Roots”を意味するスウェーデン語”Rötter”を冠した本作は、MillencolinやNo Fun At All、Satanic Surfersといった有名バンドから、PridebowlやAdhesiveといったカルト的な人気を誇る伝説的バンドまでを網羅。ゲストボーカルには、 The Decline, One Hidden Frame, Hack the Mainframe, Melting Fast, Fast Food Society, Straightline, Day Oof , The Stifledなどが参加している。


Track 1: Mr. Clean
Band: Millencolin, formed in October 1992 in Örebro.
Guest vocalist: Pat from The Decline (Perth, Australia)

Track 2: Master Celebrator
Band: No Fun at All, formed in 1991 in Skinnskatteberg.
Guest vocalist: Pekka from One Hidden Frame (Lappeenranta, Finland)

Track 3: Nine Digit
Band: Pridebowl, a Swedish/American band formed in 1994 in Varberg.
No guest vocalist, all performed by Teo Swecore

Track 4: On a Pedestal
Band: Adhesive, was active between 1994-2002. They reunited in 2017 to play live shows and donate all the earned money to charity.
Guest vocalist: Heath ex-Hack The Mainframe (Newcastle, Australia)

Track 5: Hero of Our Time
Band: Satanic Surfers, formed in 1989 in Lund, Skåne.
Guest vocalist: Mike from Venerea (Falkenberg, Sweden)

Track 6: Whom to Blame
Band: Randy, from Hortlax, formed in 1992.
Guest vocalist: Óscar from Melting Fast (Barcelona, Spain)

Track 7: Rather Be Dead
Band: Refused, from Umeå formed in 1991.
Guest vocalist: Sebas from Fast Food Society (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

Track 8: More out of Today
Band: 59 Times the Pain, from Fagersta, was active between 1992-2001 and 2008.
Guest vocalist: Bart from Straightline (München, Germany)

Track 9: Torn Apart
Band: Raised Fist, formed in 1993 in Luleå.
Guest vocalist: Dimitris from Day Oof (Athens, Grece)

Track 10: Beanstalk
Band: Venerea, formed in 1991 in Falkenberg.
Guest vocalist: Josh from The Stifled (Baltimore, USA)